Make the Most of Your Event Website: 3 Effective Tips

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Events are a wonderful way for your organization to introduce itself to wider audiences and meet new potential clients. Through conversations with other attendees and demonstrations or explanations of the product or service you provide, you’ll form connections that could have a lasting and positive impact on your business. In order for this to happen,…

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The Big Event Podcast: 5 Must-Read Books for Marketers

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Here at Akkroo, reading and learning is a huge part of our company culture. Everyone on the team gets a quarterly book budget to spend on new reading material, which is a fantastic way to encourage people to keep learning and prioritise personal development. The whole marketing team are big readers, so we decided to…

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The Complete Guide to Capturing the Best Leads at Events

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For many companies, exhibiting at trade shows accounts for a significant chunk of their marketing budget every year. For exhibitors, the main goal is simple: to collect new sales leads for their business. Unfortunately, only 39% of exhibitors feel like they succeed in this. The reality is that countless companies spend days exhibiting at a trade show,…

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Akkroo takes the lead at Exhibitor Live

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This was Akkroo’s first time exhibiting at EXHIBITORLIVE – the conference and exhibition for Trade Show and Corporate Event Marketers. The five-day educational event features seminars and workshops and the industry’s largest exhibit hall; so it was a must attend and huge opportunity for Akkroo.

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What it’s like working in the Akkroo distributed team

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Ahoy! My name is Modi and I’m an Akkroo Customer Champion. I’m the newest addition to Akkroo’s growing distributed team, and the first US west coast Akkroomate – I live just south of Seattle, in Washington State, USA. As a Customer Champion, I will be striving to provide top-notch technical support for our customers via…

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