10 reasons to love Brixton

At the start of 2018, Akkroo moved from our old office in Westminster to our current HQ in Brixton. We’d outgrown our Westminster pad, and Brixton offered a chance for us to get our own space with plenty of room to grow into.

In the past Brixton hasn’t had the best reputation, but things have changed a lot. We love our Brixton HQ and the community around it. If you’re thinking of joining the Akkroo team or looking at other roles in the Brixton area, here are ten things that we love about our new neighbourhood.

  1. Surprise green spaces. When you think of Brixton, you probably don’t think of a beautiful and tranquil green space. Brockwell Park is just 15 minutes from the office, and it has ponds (inc. ducks and swans, no less), tennis courts, a community run garden, hills with views across London and even a lido. Some of us enjoy a jog around there in the warmer months, and it’s a great spot for a lunchtime picnic.
  2. All the food. You won’t find an office with more food options on your doorstep. Think of any cuisine under the sun, and you’ll be sure to find it here. Eritrean? Check. West Indies/ Japanese hybrid? Check. The original Franco Manca? Check. Chains like Pret and Starbucks? Check. One of London’s only completely vegan bakeries? Check. Trendy street food? Double check (look up Pop Brixton for more info on that!) When it comes to indulging yourself at lunchtime, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Brixton really is a foodie’s paradise!
  3. Closer than you think! Whenever I tell people that I work in Brixton, they say ‘wow, that must be a really long commute!’ Because it’s at the end of an underground line, people seem to think it’s at the end of the earth – but that couldn’t be more wrong! It’s on the Victoria Line, which gets you to Vauxhall in 5 minutes, Oxford Circus in 10 minutes and Euston in 15. And our office is only a 2 minute walk from the station, so you’re never far from where you need to be. We have employees who live all across London, and in the surrounding counties and cities, proving that Brixton’s a lot easier to get to than you might think.
  4. Go against the flow. Even better, because Brixton’s at the end of the line, you’re always travelling in the opposite direction to everyone else. This makes for a more relaxed commute on the tube (can you imagine such a thing?), and you normally get a seat for a least part of your trip.
  5. Brixton Market. This is one of London’s best kept secrets (we’re not kidding: it features on the cover of the book ‘London’s 500 Best Kept Secrets’). It has bars, food, quirky shops and fresh produce stalls. Whatever you’re looking for, Brixton Market probably has it.
  6. History and culture. Brixton has been the scene of a wealth of interesting events throughout history. It’s got a David Bowie memorial, is home to Electric Avenue (did you know that ‘Electric Avenue’ is not only a popular song by Eddie Grant, but also the first shopping street in the UK to be lit by electricity?), and even a 17th century windmill. Yep, a windmill.
  7. Plenty of places for after-work drinks. If pubs and bars are your thing, you’re in for a treat. Here in Brixton you can find wonderful cocktails for less than £7 (don’t see that in Shoreditch, do you?), and such a variety of pubs you won’t know where to start. Pop Brixton offers a unique space to relax with a drink, and is particularly popular in the summer.
  8. Health and fitness. If you’re more health conscious, you are spoilt for choice. With two gyms and two yoga studios within a 5 minute walk, your pre/post work or lunchtime workout is just a stone’s throw away.
  9. After work entertainment. For post work entertainment, head to the Ritzy, a 1920s cinema which shows new films, as well as old classics and arty cinematic triumphs. It’s a beautiful cinema experience! And if you’re into live music, the O2 Academy Brixton regularly hold gigs with a mix of famous and up-and-coming artists.
  10. Akkroo! Last, but certainly not least – Akkroo is here 😉 Our offices are in an awesome old warehouse, with a fully furnished roof terrace where you have a great view of this remarkable part of the city, and can gaze further afield with a tremendous view of the London skyline.

Brixton is a unique pocket of London: it’s an intoxicating maze of colour, smells and culture, which welcomes people from all walks of life. If you want to work somewhere where you’ll encounter a sea of suits wherever you look, then we don’t think you’d like it here – but if you want to work somewhere different, eclectic with real soul and personality, we’re hiring! Check out our current opportunities (or just come and visit to say hello!)

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