2 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Event Lead Capture Forms

If you are preparing forms for an event soon, here are a pair of handy tips to you improve your data capture prowess!

I’ve selected two really easy and common mistakes that prevent people from filling out and completing forms, which usually results a frustratingly incomplete set of data.

Mistake: Forgetting to simplify the user’s question path using logic

We’ve all experienced it. You’re at an event and asked to fill out a form with your details to be in a chance of winning a prize. You take one look at the form, only to discover it just keeps going and going. Your heart sinks.

In the blink of an eye, you went from being an enthused prospective customer ready to win the competition first prize, to a frustrated one. Having all your fields visible on one page fills your users with dread and kills any sense of good will they might have had before. So, what measures can you take to address the long form issue?

Breaking a crazy-long form into a bite size chunks will help. Using conditional logic, you can show and hide sections only when they become relevant based on the user’s responses, and keep the overall form experience nice and snappy for those who don’t need to see every question.

By thinking out your path ahead of time; using conditional logic and breaking down your form into manageable sections which only reveals questions at the most appropriate time, you’ll help your customers more easily navigate through the form, filtering out the questions irrelevant to them and generating a better sense of progress. You’ll get your data, and your users won’t feel like they’ve been filling out an never ending form.

Mistake: Forgetting to archive old lead capture forms

When you archive the events in your Akkroo dashboard, you experience three key benefits: you build a historical record of data collected, you improve app performance, and you cut down on clutter.

  • Effective record keeping – When you archive inactive events instead of deleting them, you begin to create a record of your collected data from past events. Archiving is not just for past inactive events, but it can only be used to safely store any future events you’ve created. Simply unarchive the events when required in the future.
  • Cut down on the clutter – Archiving temporarily removes events from your app and puts them in the archive file. Now that you can more easily see the active events you need, you can work with them more effectively. It also reduces the chances of data being collected accidentally in the wrong event form.
  • Improve app performance – Because archiving removes unnecessary syncing of older events, archived events use less storage space within the app.

If you follow these tips, I think your users and potential customers will find your forms easier to digest, easier to understand, and easier to complete. The addition of event archiving will also help to improve the overall performance of Akkroo whilst out and about on the road.

Akkroo is a lead capture solution for B2B events. To start collecting customer leads or data at an event or in-store, email us at hello@akkroo.com and we’ll be happy to assist.