400 days at Akkroo

Chris joined Akkroo in August 2017 on a work placement year as part of his university degree. Today is his last day (we’ll miss you Chris – good luck!), so he’s written a short post about his time at Akkroo.

My work placement here at Akkroo comes to an end today. I’ve had the most incredible 13 months working in the sales department – the company has almost doubled in size since I joined, and it’s been exciting to be part of that journey.

My first day at Akkroo happened to be the annual ‘away day’, a yearly team tradition of travelling somewhere in the UK and doing some activities. It was revealed to be go-karting, which was a ridiculously fun first day at work, and a great way to get to know the whole team!

The Akkroo Culture

If I were to describe Akkroo’s work ethic in one sentence, it’s simple: get sh*t done.

No-one’s worried about showing up in suits and ties, being chained to your desk every minute of the day, or working fixed hours. So long as you get your work done, and help push the company to greater heights!

As well as a welcoming, supportive culture, there are several perks that I really like. My personal favourite is the allowance that everyone gets each quarter to spend on books.

Achievements and Highlights

Over the last 13 months, there have been lots of achievements and high points – too many to mention. But the most notable ones include:

  • Qualifying and passing over more than £120k of leads that have turned into new business for the company. It’s been exciting seeing the work I do turn into real sales for the company.
  • Being featured in a case study from LinkedIn, written about Akkroo and their SDR process.
  • Won the ‘Innovate’ award at one of our quarterly presentations – I was nominated for the work I’d done to reinvent the SDR process, moving away from mass outreach to inbound-focused campaigns.

What have I learned?

Akkroo is my first job, and I’ve learned so much since joining. There’s too much to fit into this blog, but to name a few:

  • How a company works. Akkroo only had 23 team members when I joined, and now it’s grown to about 40 people. I got to see how each individual department worked, and how the entire team works together – from Sales and Marketing to Product and Customer Support. I don’t think I would have got the same level of insight in a larger organisation.
  • Developed my sales skills. Winning By Design is a sales consultancy firm, hired by Akkroo to further develop the commercial side of the business and how we help our customers. The whole sales team took part in an 8-week course, and the techniques I learned about modern sales and account management have future-proofed my skills.

Akkroo recently closed a round of external investment, which has been really interesting to see. It’s had a positive effect on recruitment (join the team!), and boosted marketing budgets to propel Akkroo’s growth, cementing its place as the leader of the Event Lead Capture category.

I would like to thank the Akkroo team for a fantastic 13 months and wish them all the best in the future. I look forward to seeing the progress when I visit soon.