Akkroo updates: What we launched in Q1 2018

For the first three months of 2018 we’ve been working hard to constantly improve the Akkroo Event Lead Capture solution. We wanted to take a moment to reflect on this first quarter of the year, and what it’s meant for the Akkroo app and dashboard – and our customers.

Review and Edit Leads

In January we went live with our biggest ever update to the Akkroo solution. One of the biggest changes made it possible for users to review and edit leads after capturing them. This can be done both in the app and in the dashboard, so you can flesh-out with extra information either on the show-floor, or when you’re back in the office after an event.


App User Feedback

We wanted to improve our team’s visibility to any problems or minor issues people were experiencing when using the Akkroo app, so we can work on fixing them and improve the experience of using the app for all our customers. We’ve made it easy for app users to provide feedback on their experience using Akkroo for event lead capture, by setting-up an in-app pop-up that displays at the end of an event – and by email. This makes it easy for users to share any feedback or comments while they’re still fresh in their memory.

Welcome to the Akkroo App

We’ve also spent time working on improving people’s first experience of using Akkroo. We want to help you get to grips with the Akkroo app as quickly as possible. One way we’ve improved this is by adding a series of welcome screens when a user first opens the app. This helps users set-up the app so they can start collecting leads straight away – such as enabling access to your device’s camera, so you can scan business cards.

Better Visibility into Scheduled Maintenance

We’ve improved the way we communicate with our customers about upcoming maintenance and downtime. Previously, users were only notified of scheduled downtime by email, but now dashboard users see an alert at the top of their screens when they’re logged in, detailing when maintenance is due to take place.

Improved Reporting

Reporting on each event is now more accurate, as event name and date are now compulsory fields when creating an event in the dashboard. So now dashboard users can get better visibility in terms of which events are coming up, in progress, and ended. This makes it easier to measure the success of each event and report on their whole lifecycle.

Event Grouping

It’s now possible to group events – for example by month, or by country or region. This makes it easier to navigate within the app and dashboard, especially if your team likes to add lots of events at once. Events can now be grouped into Collections by going into the dashboard.


In the first three months of 2018, we’ve welcomed new team members, and it’s been fantastic to have their skills on-board to help make Akkroo even better! For more updates on team Akkroo, check out our people-focused quarter-in-review.

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