Event Lead Capture Pioneer Akkroo Announces Major Rebrand

London, 26 February 2019.

London-based event lead capture company Akkroo today announced a major rebrand to reflect the company’s continued growth since achieving product-market fit. In the six years since launch, the company has made great advances with the Akkroo event lead capture solution. Akkroo continues to invest in research, development and product, to help customers implement a streamlined lead capture process at all their events.

With the event lead capture category establishing, Akkroo felt the time was right to bring the brand up to speed. The rebrand marks a big milestone for the business, providing a bolder, more recognizable and distinct look, and providing an ownable style that Akkroo can develop and build upon in the future.

Chris Wickson, co-founder and CEO at Akkroo, said: “We continue to see a clear shift in the B2B event industry when it comes to the way lead capture is handled by exhibitors. Businesses are moving away from antiquated methods such as rented lead retrieval scanners, paper forms and business cards, to modern approaches such as Akkroo. Click To Tweet As the event lead capture category grows, a strong brand will be a key element that contributes to Akkroo’s success as a business.

“Our customers helped drive this change, and we involved them in our brand development from the very start. Before we even picked up a pencil or opened Photoshop, we interviewed them and met face-to-face, to better understand how they see Akkroo, and the value we bring to their marketing, sales and events process.”

Andy Higgs, co-founder and CPO at Akkroo, added: “The rebrand has delivered to us a whole suite of new, ownable materials and messages that we’re proud to attach the Akkroo name to. For the first time, we feel these really align with how our customers perceive Akkroo, as well as with our growth goals for the business, setting us apart from the rest of the market with a strong, recognizable visual identity.”

The rebrand includes a full redesign of the company’s website, logo, graphics, and content assets. Akkroo’s new brand assets include a new, distinct logo and motif, along with a unique combination of illustrations and photographs to provide a flexible and recognizable visual style. The new brand has gone live with the launch of a new marketing website, with updates to the Akkroo app and dashboard to follow.

About Akkroo

Akkroo is built for exhibitors. Connect events with your marketing stack: turn conversations into qualified leads and accelerated revenue. Headquartered in Brixton, London, with a growing team in the US, Akkroo has a global customer base across a wide range of verticals, including IBM, Sony, Getinge AB and PayPal.

We’re at the forefront of event lead capture, replacing outdated, manual methods: business cards, paper forms and rented scanners.

Akkroo is changing the game. It’s time for exhibitors to take the lead.