We beat our personal best: 29 companies use Akkroo at a single event

Akkroo and Saastock 2017

Returning from SaaStock we entered the office with enough t-shirts to kit out the entire team, enough stickers to redecorate the walls, some new socks, 7 stress balls and a mini-drone.

Not a bad haul.

As Akkroo’s team has grown substantially since the same event last year, and having enjoyed the valuable learning experience the first time around, we tripled the number of people we took along this year. Alongside that, this year we were SaaStock’s Event Lead Capture partner, providing the 29 sponsors of the event with a taster of using Akkroo as part of their exhibition space inside the Software City hall.

We brought along management representatives across the Akkroo team, from Product, Development, Marketing, Sales and Customer Success in an effort to absorb maximum information. As billed SaaStock provided a great opportunity for us to listen, learn from and speak to professionals that have scaled SaaS businesses.

Akkroo team at Saastock

SaaS was the common language but with most businesses operating in separate spaces, selling to very different audiences, there was an openness to conversations combined with a willingness to share ideas, strategies and tactics.

Inspiration and ideas aplenty during the conference, we used downtime and evenings to discuss and share overriding themes amongst the Akkroo group. More often than not you attend a conference, write down pages of notes, which then remain pages of notes…

Bringing along a team to evaluate ideas has helped us turn notes into actionable and prioritized tasks. Something we are all excited about.

Alongside the high-value content and networking opportunities, it was great to witness meaningful conversations taking place on the exhibition floor. Seeing Akkroo in action and getting real-time feedback from users was invaluable. Thank you to all of the companies that took us up on the offer and to SaaStock for giving control to the exhibitors.

Europe’s premiere SaaS conference delivered again in 2017; myself and the team are looking forward to next year.