Bringing Event Lead Capture into the modern era one feature at a time

2017 has been transformative for Akkroo; we’ve helped our customers collect over a million Event Qualified Leads (EQLs) since January, added significant improvements to the product experience for many of our users, and broadened our global support hours. But we know there is a lot more to do!

Our mission is to bring Event Lead Capture into the modern era, and to enable events, sales and marketing to be truly connected. We feel the next major step in achieving this comes by helping teams that use Akkroo to benefit from better product adoption in sales teams.

I’m delighted to share that the first step in achieving this for customers arrives today, with a few key changes to the way you create your events in the dashboard. However, this is just a quiet prelude to the main event. In the first weeks of 2018, we will begin rolling out brand new functionality to the Akkroo app that will change how your teams are able to react to leads in the ‘white heat of the moment’ whilst on the show floor.

A sneak peek at new event creation options in the Akkroo dashboard

This screen capture shows one small example of the new look event creation page, which we’ve designed to make creating events easier and clearer. Very shortly we’re going to be revealing more about the powerful new editing capabilities we’ve been working on to improve the lives of sales and marketing teams, a better user management experience, and a whole new refreshed look and feel across the Akkroo app.

We’re thrilled that we’re going to be able to whisk away the cloth which covers these new features soon — these upgrades have been crafted to directly address many of the most important challenges we’ve heard time and again when speaking with our customers — a process of feedback that we continually embed and improve in all our product design.

We look forward to sharing more details in the not too distant future…

From all of us at Akkroo, have a fantastic time this festive season!