How One Company Stopped Losing 30% of Event Leads with Akkroo

Organisations across the world use exhibiting at trade shows and events to take their marketing to the next level. Instead of relying on an ever-increasing number of digital marketing processes, they embrace the power of face-to-face marketing. Unfortunately many trade show exhibitors are forced to rely on outdated, manual lead capture processes, which create a negative first impression, and mean they are missing out on valuable, highly qualified sales leads.

The problems with manual lead capture

If you’re relying on manual lead capture processes, such as filling in paper forms, or collecting people’s business cards then adding your own notes on paper, there are several challenges that come with that:

  • It’s slow to capture the lead: writing by hand can take a long time – especially when you see companies on the next stand using badge scanners.
  • It takes a long time to type up the lead after the show, and get them into your CRM or Marketing Automation tools.
  • You lose a high percentage of leads, either due to illegible handwriting, or if business cards get detached from the accompanying notes.

Bruker Nano Surfaces experienced first-hand the pains of outdated lead capture methods: their reps had been relying on paper forms for lead capture for many years.

Yan Liu, Marketing Communication Specialist at Bruker explained why they had relied on pen and paper for so long: “Selling a complex piece of scientific apparatus requires in-depth conversations and intricate sales pitches. Printing out a form at the office and then filling it out at—or after—the event requires little effort. It is not a diversion from the business at hand.”

Unfortunately, this process proved to be time-consuming, and filled with errors. Bruker found that around 30% of their notes were illegible, and unusable. Combined with the effort of transcribing all of their leads manually, Yan and her team were struggling with Bruker’s lead capture process: “The inefficiencies of these manual processes are obvious enough, but they seem even more glaring after you start automating other aspects of your marketing efforts, as we did by adopting Salesforce as our CRM a couple of years ago.”

How Akkroo automated Bruker’s Event Lead Capture – so they could follow-up faster

Using Akkroo meant the Bruker team had to completely change their sales process. No more piles of paper forms – and no more business cards. Instead, the reps can simply enter a lead’s contact details into their digital form – or take a photo of a business card, which then gets transcribed for them. This means there’s no more manual transcription – and leads move across into Bruker’s CRM quickly and easily:

“Our event leads now quickly move into Salesforce, we then assign them to the appropriate sales reps. Members of our team can quickly follow up with phone calls and emails. They can also manage the entire business relationship within Salesforce. By automating our lead capture process, we see information flow better than ever before.”

Adopting Akkroo for their event lead capture meant:

  • No more leads lost due to illegible handwriting.
  • Easier and faster integration of event leads into the rest of their marketing tech stack.
  • Sales reps were able to follow-up with leads much quicker than ever before.
  • Bruker had a sophisticated lead capture solution, meaning they presented a more professional image at shows.

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Can Akkroo help you outpace the competition with faster event follow-up?

It’s easy to assume that, just because your team has used paper forms for capturing leads at events for the past ten years, that’s the best process for your organisation.

While many event teams will have created processes to make manual lead capture work for them, it’s likely that digital, automated lead capture will be a much easier process – once they get used to using the new tools and technology.

If exhibiting at events, congresses and trade shows is a crucial part of your face to face marketing strategy, improving your lead capture process can give you a real edge over the competition.