8 reasons to use Akkroo at your next trade show

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How many different lead retrieval tools have you used at trade shows this year? It can seem like every event works with a different provider, so your team is always scrambling to master the latest tool so you can capture your event leads, and get them into your systems for prompt follow-up.

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The Big Event: Conversations not contacts

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When you exhibit at trade shows for your organisation, you’re going with specific goals in mind. For every sales team, a key goal is to collect leads. But is your sales team collecting leads, or just contacts – and do you know the difference between the two?

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The Akkroo Events Calendar 2019: Where to Find Us

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Akkroo works with leading companies all over the world, helping them improve the way they capture and process leads at events, and connect their events with their sales and marketing activities. Below you can find a list of events and trade shows where Akkroo will either be exhibiting, or speaking. As well as these, our…

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Lead capture vs contact collection at events

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When businesses exhibit at trade shows and events, generating new business leads is often their top priority. But some businesses spend several days with a large booth space at a busy trade show, only to return back to the office with a simple list of contact details – not leads. What’s the difference between lead…

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