9 Ways to Get Your Team Fired up for Your next Trade Show

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When done right, events should be great revenue drivers for businesses, yet the very idea can make even a hardened employee feel a sense of foreboding. Truly great events take plenty of planning, preparation and resource, and that’s before you set foot in a venue. This pressurised setup process, which can span months, often takes…

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6 Top Tips for B2B Event Planning

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event planning

Putting on a great show for your clients and prospects requires careful event planning and plenty of great ideas executed well. To help you in your quest for organisational nirvana, we’ve put together some top tips to keep in mind for your next customer or client event.

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Security Matters at Consumer Events

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Security cameras against a blue sky

It’s been a busy show and you’ve seen a steady stream of customers throughout the day. You’re happy with how many people you’ve spoken to and you’ve got plenty of hot enquiries to follow up. So, would you want to share this private information with the public and your competitors? Believe it or not, some…

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How to Write Great Event Email Subject Lines

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One thing we know a lot of Akkroo customers benefit from is being able to getting back to a new lead or contact super quickly after an event has finished. Or even right away using our triggered emails and SMS. I’m always really pleased to see this activity in action, and the really high open…

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