The Formula for Event Lead Capture Success

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The secret to a successful event lies in preparation. Whilst salesmanship and hard work are crucially important, the best sales team in the world won’t be able to save you from poor planning and weak processes. With this in mind, we’ve developed a formula for lead capture success – a step-by-step process that will help…

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What is Lead Retrieval?

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lead retrieval at events

Trade shows are often a key part of a company’s marketing and business development efforts, with some B2B industries investing heavily in events as the cornerstone of their customer acquisition strategy.

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Event Badge Scanners – Are They Worth It?

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event badge scanners scanning and badge

There are a few ways of collecting leads at events. A popular method is noting down details on paper forms, though that can lead to problems with accuracy and data protection. Event badge scanners are, therefore, an attractive option for event teams wanting to collect data quickly. But how effective are they at collecting valuable…

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The True Cost of Using Paper Forms for Event Lead Capture

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paper forms for event lead capture

When it comes to collecting data at events, paper forms are nearly always the go-to method for businesses. They are quick and easy to design, they can be printed in the office and easily filled out on the day. They’re cheap to produce too, but what is the true cost of using paper to collect important…

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Agency Options For Event Data Capture? Apps & Solutions

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Agency event data capture

When it comes to agency data capture — we all know that collecting consumer data as part of an experiential campaign, live event or activation project is nothing new for agencies, and we often discuss the best ways of doing this with our agency partners. As demonstrating hard ROI to your clients has continued to rise over recent years, data capture has been…

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