Are your event reports just vanity metrics?

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For many companies, reporting on event performance is a real challenge, a symptom of the disconnect between the tools used to collect leads at events and the rest of your sales and marketing toolkit. But even the companies that do produce event reports aren’t necessarily reporting on the right things. Today we’re looking at the…

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The Guide to Trade Show Badge Scanners

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trade show badge scanner

For many organisations, trade shows and events play a huge role in their marketing strategy. One of the most popular methods of lead capture at trade shows are rented badge scanners, which allow exhibitors to scan people’s badges and get back a list of contacts after the event. But are badge scanners still the best…

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3 event technology trends in 2019 for event planners

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Technology is playing a larger role in events than ever before – it allows event production companies to provide an immersive experience to its attendees, increase engagement, and provide even more reasons for people to turn up for events. In fact, event management companies that want to keep up with their competitors must keep a…

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Akkroo takes the lead at Exhibitor Live

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This was Akkroo’s first time exhibiting at EXHIBITORLIVE – the conference and exhibition for Trade Show and Corporate Event Marketers. The five-day educational event features seminars and workshops and the industry’s largest exhibit hall; so it was a must attend and huge opportunity for Akkroo.

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The Big Event Podcast: What Event Tech can learn from MarTech

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In recent years, marketing technology has undergone phenomenal growth. There have been incredible advancements when you consider how technologies including CRM, marketing automation, conversational marketing and demand orchestration have developed over time. But events, and technology built for use at events, have been left behind. In this podcast, Stefan and Chris from Akkroo discuss crucial trends and transformations…

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