8 reasons to use Akkroo at your next trade show

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How many different lead retrieval tools have you used at trade shows this year? It can seem like every event works with a different provider, so your team is always scrambling to master the latest tool so you can capture your event leads, and get them into your systems for prompt follow-up.

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Should you use a business card scanner app at trade shows?

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Every time I visit a trade show, I see so many exhibitors shuffling piles of paper: company collateral, lead capture forms, and stacks of business cards. Many exhibitors take a business card from their prospect, then fill-out their lead capture form, and finally staple the business card to the top of the form, to keep…

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What event tech can learn from MarTech

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Event tech as an industry is still in its infancy compared with the sprawl of MarTech. Cramer has just shared their 2019 Event Technology Landscape featuring 444 technology solutions, whereas the 2018 version of the famous MarTech 5000 contains… 6,829. So what can the Event Tech industry learn from MarTech?

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Beyond the Booth: Creating a Complete Trade Show Experience

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When you exhibit at trade shows, most organisations take the same approach: you book your spot, design the perfect booth and work hard to create an engaging experience for visitors to your stand on the day. But while your booth is your ‘shop window’ for the duration of each trade show, it’s only one part…

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