The Big Event Podcast: 5 Must-Read Books for Marketers

25 minutes expected reading time

Here at Akkroo, reading and learning is a huge part of our company culture. Everyone on the team gets a quarterly book budget to spend on new reading material, which is a fantastic way to encourage people to keep learning and prioritise personal development. The whole marketing team are big readers, so we decided to…

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The Big Event Podcast: The Akkroo Marketing Toolkit

22 minutes expected reading time

The 2018 ‘MarTech 5000’ featured almost 7000 marketing technology solutions. So it’s fair to say that there’s plenty of choice for marketers looking to add to their toolkit. The right tools allow marketers to be more efficient, collaborate easier and accomplish more than they could without them. But with so many different tools and solutions…

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The 10 marketing tools we use for growth at Akkroo

6 minutes expected reading time

With thousands of Martech tools available, we marketers are spoiled for choice. If you listen to┬áThe Big Event podcast, you’ll have heard Mike, Stefan and myself talking recently about a few of the tools in our marketing toolkit. I sat down with the rest of the Marketing team here at Akkroo to put together a…

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