5 simple metrics for measuring event ROI

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man collecting lead at a trade show

While all of your sales and marketing activities are closely tracked and measured, events aren’t held to the same standard. We’ve spoken to so many companies that rely on how an event ‘felt’ as their primary measure of success. It can be difficult to measure your company’s performance at each event, but it can be…

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Event ROI: the final mystery for data-driven marketers

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For so many companies, events exist in a vacuum. They invest a lot of time into planning and exhibiting at events, but very little measuring the ROI they get from each one. When all of your company’s sales and marketing activities are trackable and measurable, why aren’t events being held to the same standard? If…

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Measuring success with London Support Lab

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Support Lab London and Akkroo

Customer Support has a fantastically strong online community. From the Support Driven Slack Channel, to The Customer Success Forum LinkedIn group. There is no shortage of useful content and discussions helping better support professionals around the globe. Despite the strong online community, the offering in terms of useful events, meet-ups and networking opportunities are relatively…

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3 Steps to Calculating Trade Show Revenue

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An important part of event preparation is making sure you’re using the right metrics and resources to determine whether or not your event has been successful. Whilst there are lots of metrics beyond revenue generated, it is of course, the big one. So these three steps are focused on assisting you to calculate this metric. Determining Trade…

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