Adopting Event Lead Capture and Getting Your Team to Level-up, Super Mario Style!

You’ve just invested in a piece of new software that you know is going to radically improve your business and the way that your events team work. The results are going to be impressive and you can’t wait to test it out at your first event, so you tell your events team the good news… your team mate Gary is first to pipe up, “What’s wrong with what we’re doing now?”. Not quite the reaction you were hoping for, but little does he know you’ve now got a few special powers up your sleeve to help with that.

As you may know, here at Akkroo, we’re all about making lead capture at events a less painstaking task by firstly ditching that pen and paper and taking it digital, and secondly making it easy to suit the needs of the person using the software. We’re about level-ing up our clients so that they are the top scorer in the lead capture game.

So how do we assist our clients in encouraging whole teams to switch from the norm that they are used to, on to something brand spanking new? Allow me to run through a few tips below:

Start at level 1

  • First things first, everyone involved needs to be on the same page when it comes to change. This doesn’t mean everyone has to agree with the change in the beginning, but they do need to know that it will be happening. Surprises aren’t for everyone!
  • Be sure to lay out the benefits of using this new software and the ways that it will improve their work life. Teams are unlikely to argue with anything that will make their life easier.
  • Get your team involved early on in the process so that they feel they have input in using the software.
  • Once you have evidence of the improvement from using the new software, showcase them to the team to highlight the benefit and encourage further and more prolific use of it in the future.

Work together

  • The events team who will be using this new software day in, day out will want to have reassurance that they will get the proper training and have all of the information up front, and definitely before turning up to an event.
  • Training is essential if you want the adoption to be a success. But who should carry out the training? At Akkroo we have a dedicated Customer Success Team that provides training and support for new customers and their teams. We recommend asking for dedicated training from the software company if possible, they are the experts after all.
  • Scheduling in refreshers with the team before events is a useful way to keep it fresh in people’s minds. It’s also an excuse to check everything is set up ready for the event.
  • For some, picking up how to work new software comes easily, but don’t forget that not everyone is a whizz with technology – bear that in mind when planning training.

Make it a fun challenge

  • A little healthy competition never hurt anyone (MarioKart excluded) and many teams thrive off battling against their peers to collect the most leads and get the highest score. So make it known that you will be viewing statistics and results to see how everyone has done.
  • Healthy competition is great but it’s no good without prizes, right? A bottle of wine, cinema tickets, a massage after a long day of capturing leads – giving the team an incentive to maximise use of the software is not a new idea but it’s one that works and is appreciated. Who wouldn’t want a massage after being on their feet all day?

Follow the leader

  • When people see the new solution working well for another team member, they will follow suit, which leads on to the next point…
  • Nurture your champions! If you have team members who have powered up and hit the ground running, then praise and encourage them. They will be able to help out team members and set an example of how well it can work.
  • We recommend that you have one or two people who become software super heroes in the company. They can become the point of contact for the events team and essentially become experts themselves.
  • Leading by example is also key to a team adopting new ways of working. At Akkroo, we encourage teams to ditch the paper forms at events – the temptation to resort to old ways should be removed.

Don’t get stuck on a level

  • Don’t allow team members to keep failing a level, after all Princess Peach wouldn’t be amused if she was sat waiting to be rescued for weeks. Revisit training with team members, enlist the help of the software company’s Customer Success team, get your software super heroes involved, and encourage team members to speak up when they do hit a roadblock of any kind.
  • You will get feedback from your team, listen to it and act on it where possible. Not all feedback is constructive, but if you listen they won’t feel left alone to deal with any issues.
  • Fear of hitting the same barrier and issue at upcoming events can result in old methods being brought back into the fold so be sure to address issues promptly.

Getting your events team on board with a new way of working can be a smooth ride, if you’ve read the manual before pressing Start. Be prepared and with these ideas in place, you’re team will be powered up and ready to complete the level that is event day. Who knows… maybe good ol’ Gary will be your next software super hero? Power up your data capture too – we’re here to help!