Event Badge Scanners – Are They Worth It?

event badge scanners scanning and badge

There are a few ways of collecting leads at events. A popular method is noting down details on paper forms, though that can lead to problems with accuracy and data protection. Event badge scanners are, therefore, an attractive option for event teams wanting to collect data quickly. But how effective are they at collecting valuable information? Furthermore, are they worth the investment?

What do event badge scanners do?

Offered at many events, a badge scanning service is great at one thing – generating a list of people that visited your stand. For many exhibitors, that’s exactly what they want from an event. A figure they can measure against a KPI. Smashing your target of 1000 leads over 2 days is a great achievement, but can your team remember 1000 conversations?

Some event badge scanners are capable of collecting responses to a limited amount of qualifying questions, which does enhance the information received post-event (to a degree). Fundamentally, though, they help create warm leads, not hot ones.

To elaborate on warm vs. hot leads, if someone visits your exhibition stand and has a conversation with you that’s long enough for you to scan their badge, it’s safe to say they are interested in your product or service (warm). For a lead to be hot, you need more than a name, company and contact details. You need rich and valuable information to help your team follow up like a pro.

Be careful of generic communications

Armed with a spreadsheet of names and emails after an event, it’s easy to fall into the trap of sending out a “thanks for visiting us” email. It’s the right thing to do, however, since you only have basic details, the email won’t stand out. It will disappear into the void with all the other generic emails the lead has received. Having specific, actionable data allows you to create engaging communications that get attention.

Are event badge scanners worth it?

Event badge scanners tell exhibitors who visited their stand. What’s missing is what the lead is interested in and why they visited in the first place. Forward-thinking businesses use intelligent event tech to scan badges, collect details from conversations and take action. All from one solution. Are you a forward thinking business looking for such a solution? Get in touch – we’re here to help.