The Ultimate Dictionary for Event Exhibitors

For many companies, events, trade shows and exhibitions are a key strategic priority. Events play a role in building brand awareness and are commonly a main source of new business leads. But to an outsider, events can seem like a different world, with its own language, and a specific way of doing things.

The disconnect between events and modern marketing processes

While many companies have incredibly sophisticated setups in terms of marketing technology, events have been left behind. For many exhibitors, their events are completely isolated from their marketing and sales processes, as well as their in-house tools.

To make their event a success, exhibitors have to adapt to the industry, often using the tools prescribed by the event organiser at every stage from booking their booth to collecting leads on the show floor.

Sound familiar?

To make your event a success, you have to learn and understand all the terminology very quickly, as you plan, book and attend each event. And then you have to pick up the specific tools such as organiser-provided badge scanners, that vary from one event to the next.

Whether you’re an industry newcomer or a seasoned event professional moving into new roles or sectors, there’s a lot to know and it can feel overwhelming.

To help, we’ve put together a dictionary of dozens of commonly-used key words and phrases used in the events industry. We’ll be updating this regularly (this version was last updated in July 2019) to keep it relevant as the industry changes and new technology emerges.

Your guide to the key terms and phrases event exhibitors need to know

The Akkroo team works with leading organisations including IBM, PayPal and Sony. We help them improve their lead capture and generate more revenue from events.

So while we’re living in the events world day after day, we realise that’s not the case for everyone. The events industry is packed full of strategies, terminology and acronyms that can feel impossible to decipher.

We’ve created this dictionary to:

  • Explain key terms and phrases associated with trade shows and events.
  • Introduce new and emerging terminology – for example around emerging technology and upcoming industry trends.
  • Demystify the events industry for newcomers (and maybe provide clarity on industry terminology for more experienced event professionals).

Want to get a copy? Download The Ultimate Events Dictionary for Exhibitors.

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