Write for Akkroo: guest blogging guidelines

Created some great, original content that will benefit the events, B2B Marketing and Sales community, and interested in writing for the Akkroo blog? Great! We’d love to hear from you.

In order to ensure your article is something our audience will love, please read through the following requirements first.

We also run a podcast, The Big Event. If you’ve got something to talk about and would like to be a guest on The Big Event,  please reach out to emily.byford@akkroo.com for more information.

What we write about

Anything that educates, provides insights or can add value to event, marketing or sales professionals – especially B2B exhibitors. We’re most interested in publishing articles on the following topics relating to events:

  • Lead generation
  • Lead management
  • Exhibitor best practices
  • Technology and innovation
  • Measuring and reporting
  • Events as a marketing channel
  • Reflective pieces based on real insights and data

Here are some examples of our most popular articles:

Our audience

Our audience consists of smart B2B marketers and event professionals who know the basics – so think about intermediate to expert level content.

Content formats we publish

As a guest author, we want you to provide a unique perspective on one of the above-mentioned topics (or anything else you think is relevant). In order to do that in a way that makes sense for our target audience, we ask that you please approach your article using one of the following angles:

  • Strategic benefits of specific practices, relating to the topics listed above
  • Best practices for executing particular events initiatives; how businesses can see ROI and revenue growth from these initiatives
  • Summaries of research findings, conducted by you or other industry thought leaders
  • “How-to” articles that speak to your own experiences or expertise
  • Occasional thought leadership pieces

Submitting a pitch

Before you start writing your article, we want to make sure we’re on the same page. Please send a pitch to emily.byford@akkroo.com and include:

  • Three topic ideas. For each, include a quick introduction of how you would approach the topic, and 3 bullet points summarising your main points.
  • Who you are, and why you’re in an ideal position to write about this topic.

A member of the Akkroo team (probably me!) will review your content, and get back to you, normally within 5 working days. We will then work with you to finalise and publish your article.

Content guidelines

  • Content must be original, educational and provide real value to event professionals. We don’t publish pushy sales content, so please don’t send overly promotional pieces.
  • All references, statistics, and research should be cited by linking to the original source.
  • All contributors should have images they are permitted and licensed to share. (We can help with this if you need visuals).
  • Articles should be 500-1000 words in length.
  • Include a small bio for your author profile. This should be no longer than 100 words, and will feature at the end of the article. Remember to include a link to your website or blog!
  • Attach a picture for your author bio, or provide a link where a picture can be used (e.g. LinkedIn profile).

More questions?

If you feel like there’s something we didn’t answer, please get in touch.