How Carestream use Akkroo for faster event follow-up

Trade shows and conferences give businesses like Carestream the opportunity to meet potential customers face-to-face. Carestream exhibit at over 100 events each year, so it’s crucial they can demonstrate the value of their events for generating leads.

Helen Titus, Marketing Director, explains why it’s so important for Carestream to be able to prove the value and return on investment from events:

“Trade shows represent a big part of our marketing budget, so we need to be able to show the return on investment. The only way to do that is to be able to track the lead from capture at the show all the way through to a sale.”

Read on to see how adopting Akkroo has helped the Carestream team create a streamlined, measurable event lead capture process.

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The need for a global standard for lead capture

Carestream’s events take place across numerous different countries and regions. With events all over the world, they knew that having a shared, standardised method of collecting lead data would be one of the best ways to align their global events.

Jane Grimsley, Marketing Manager, told us how Akkroo has helped them standardise their lead capture process:

“What’s really good about Akkroo is that they’ve been able to support us at global events as well as local events. Wherever anybody is based throughout the world, their lead capture data is in a consistent format.”

In 2018 alone, they used Akkroo to create lead capture forms in 15 different languages. Having a standardised lead capture process helps keep their CRM system clean and make it easier for sales and marketing teams to follow-up with leads appropriately.

Enabling fast, personal follow-up

Carestream have clear priorities when they collect leads at trade shows. They know that the speed of follow-up is directly linked to sales success, so they fast follow-up is really important for the whole team:

“We want to be following up on that lead very quickly. We don’t want to leave customers for two or three weeks before we’re able to follow up with them.”

Jane Grimsley, Marketing Manager, Carestream

For many companies that exhibit at events, the biggest source of delays between collecting a lead and following-up is waiting for leads to get into their systems.

Carestream have integrated Akkroo with their CRM, so event leads flow straight into their systems. This means they can follow-up faster, and give hot leads the prioritised attention they deserve:

“Akkroo gives us the possibility to scan the person’s badge, to enter two or three more pieces of extra data, and then after the show it’s automatically imported in our Salesforce package.”

Vim Op De Beeck, Major Accounts Manager, Carestream

Can Akkroo help you connect events with the rest of your marketing?

If exhibiting at trade shows and events is a crucial part of your marketing strategy, improving your lead capture process can give you a real edge over the competition.

Learn more about how Akkroo can help connect events with your existing marketing technology, to align them with the rest of your marketing channels.

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