How EventMobi use Akkroo to Personalise Event Follow-up

Events, trade shows and conferences give businesses a rare opportunity to speak to potential customers face-to-face.

For EventMobi, building a personal connection with customers at events was essential. Unfortunately, they were relying on outdated tools and processes to collect leads, creating a poor first impression for the people they spoke with.

Read on to see how the disconnect between their events and the rest of their marketing affected the EventMobi team, and how adopting Akkroo has helped them streamline and standardise their event lead capture process.

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The disconnect between events and marketing technology

For many businesses, trade shows and events are one of their most important marketing channels. Research by Forrester shows that on average CMOs allocate 24% of their total annual budget to live events – and yet events are often completely separate to companies’ more sophisticated digital marketing activities.

EventMobi experienced first-hand the pains of an events program that’s disconnected from their marketing tech stack.

Lisa Jeller, Marketing and Event Manager at EventMobi, described their standard process of collecting leads at events: “We printed notebooks that contained the same contact forms and note fields we would input into our CRM. I had our sales reps fill them out and submit them to me at the end of every show day. I spent every night manually entering lead data into our CRM after the show floor closed.”

EventMobi’s business is built around getting rid of paper event programs because they’re so inefficient. And yet EventMobi were still using paper forms to capture leads at events. This wasn’t the best impression to make for prospective customers.

How EventMobi use Akkroo to standardise and streamline event lead capture

Using Akkroo was a big change for EventMobi’s lead collection process. They were able to stop relying on pen and paper, and create a standardised, streamlined process across all their events:

“One thing I really like about Akkroo is how it standardises the lead capture process. Everything runs on templates. You generate a form, train your staff how to use it, and then add custom fields for specific events.”

This is crucial for a company like EventMobi, who run events globally. Lisa revealed that using Akkroo has helped them join-up their global events strategy when it comes to lead capture:

“I manage marketing and events for our European office in Berlin, whereas my colleague Danielle handles North America. Despite the continental and cultural divide, we can mirror each other’s work and share best practices through Akkroo. It really does take the guesswork out of capturing and integrating leads.”

Using Akkroo to personalise follow-up and enhance the trade show experience

As well as creating a standardised process for collecting leads, EventMobi used Akkroo to enhance and personalise the trade show experience for the people that came to their booths.

For example, they created an event experience map, which the reps used as the foundation of their presentations. At the end of the presentation they asked the visitor to take a selfie with their rep in front of the map. After the visitor had left the booth, the reps would also take a photo of the map.

The EventMobi rep would then use Akkroo to add those photos to their lead records, which then flowed into Marketo.

Lisa believes that the power of Akkroo lies in the ability to connect your events with the rest of your marketing technology: “The key to getting the most value from Akkroo is integration. Combining Akkroo with a CRM or marketing automation platform like Marketo can open up a whole new world of customer communications.”

About an hour after their visit, a lead would receive an email including the selfie and a link to download the map they had made.

Compared to a regular follow-up email that all the other exhibitors were sending, it was incredibly personalised and really helped EventMobi stand out from the crowd.

Can Akkroo help you connect events with the rest of your marketing?

If exhibiting at events, congresses and trade shows is a crucial part of your face to face marketing strategy, improving your lead capture process can give you a real edge over the competition.

Learn more about how Akkroo can help connect events with your existing marketing technology, to align them with the rest of your marketing channels.

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