How Instructure Follow-up with Event Leads in 1 Hour thanks to Akkroo

Trade shows and conferences give businesses a rare opportunity to meet potential customers face-to-face. Jacquelyn Burrell, Director of Events, explains why events are so important to Instructure:

“Events are critical to our strategy. They give us an in-person opportunity to deepen our relationships with our clients.”

Unfortunately, they relied on pen and paper to collect leads, creating a huge amount of manual data entry work after each event, resulting in slow follow-up and missed sales opportunities.

Read on to see how this affected Instructure, and how adopting Akkroo has helped their team streamline and standardise their event lead capture process.

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The challenge of paper lead capture forms

At most of their events, Instructure used paper lead cards to collect people’s details. These were easy for the reps to use on the show floor, but caused challenges and delays after the event. Jacquelyn explained:

“We had someone working full time to go through lead cards after events. We had to process them, make sure they were accurate, and only then could we begin our outreach. That process could take weeks.”

The solution is Akkroo

It was clear that their existing lead capture process wasn’t working for Instructure: they needed a solution that would enable them to move away from pen and paper, to a fully digital solution.

Akkroo ticked all their boxes, and made a real difference for the reps using the app to collect leads on the Instructure show booth:

“Compared to handwriting, using Akkroo to scan badges lets us collect leads faster, and our data is infinitely more accurate.”

Not only did using Akkroo help the reps collect leads more quickly, it also completely eliminated data entry time. Thanks to native integrations with Salesforce and Marketo, all the leads collected at events flowed into Instructure’s existing sales and marketing systems:

“Our integrations are like magic! All leads from the events feed directly into Salesforce and Marketo. It used to take 2-4 weeks to process leads from our events. Using Akkroo, we can follow up with hot leads within an hour.”

Can Akkroo help you connect events with the rest of your marketing?

If exhibiting at events, congresses and trade shows is a crucial part of your face to face marketing strategy, improving your lead capture process can give you a real edge over the competition.

Learn more about how Akkroo can help connect events with your existing marketing technology, to align them with the rest of your marketing channels.

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