How Do We Use Our Own Product?

Akkroo at event capturing leads

Akkroo is primarily a lead capture solution, and you won’t be surprised to discover we use Akkroo at every single one of the trade shows and exhibitions we attend to collect qualified leads and record conversations we have with prospective clients and customers. We have honed the forms we take to events over the years, and customise them with event-specific questions where appropriate.

And the thing our sales team love the most? Making the most of our incredible business card and badge scanning features to amp up how smartly and quickly collect lead information. All that data then gets added straight into Hubspot (our CRM and Marketing automation platform) and ensures a smooth start to our newest business relationships.

Everything we collect is synchronised back to the Akkroo dashboard ready for us to take action. Automatic emails are sent out to everyone we’ve met before we’ve left the events hall. When we get back to the office, our follow-up is typically finished by 9 am that morning. Not bad, seeing as we start at 8:30 am! Sound good? Find out more about how Akkroo can supercharge your events.

Being our own product, we’ve also found some other ways to use the product too!

Social Planning

We’re a growing team at Akkroo and we love grabbing food together which provides quality time to catch up with each other, as well as welcome in new team members. Each month we all head out of the office and go for lunch somewhere nice.

xmas social event

Our recent Christmas social event – with pirates hats. Yaaaar

If you are familiar with the business of arranging a staff lunch with dozens of people, you will already know how difficult it can be to get everyone’s orders in accurately and on-time. We solve that problem with an Akkroo web form (which we send out via email)! It allows us to collect everyone’s menu choice in advance. The form is really quick to fill out and the results can be sent over to the restaurant quicker than you can say “burger with cheese, bacon and all the things”!

Staff feedback

We recently had our first company retreat where we spent two days out of the office to regroup, recap and discuss plans and strategy for the year ahead. Our co-founders were keen to get feedback about the retreat and used the web form feature of Akkroo to send every team member a short survey to complete.

akkroo team skydiving

The Akkroo team shortly before reaching terminal velocity at iFly

The survey forms were shared via email and landed in our inboxes on the evening after the event. The result? Straightforward, easily analysable feedback from the whole team and the responses are being used to improve upon and plan our 2017 retreat. Woohoo!

Drinks Orders

Akkroo beer champs

Our very own Ollie and Bala, keeping an eye on the beers. They take orders very seriously.

Every Friday at 4:30 pm, we send a drinks trolly around the office – our little way of rounding off the week. We share our office with our big sister company, RMP Enterprise, so the round is quite big (nearly 100 people). With so many people in the office, we saw a fun opportunity to use Akkroo.

We get the newest Akkroo-mates to build a form (gives them some practice!), collect the tea and drinks orders, and then send them out into the field with an iPad to meet everyone. To help them start to put names to faces, a photo can be taken using our camera feature too. All the orders are sent back to the Akkroo dashboard, meaning the fridge can be adequately stocked. No thirstiness on our watch!

Akkroo is a powerful end-to-end event lead capture solution for businesses, that bridges the gap between events, marketing and sales. Interested in finding out how you can benefit? Our team are here to help.