How Intelliflo Created a Universal Lead Capture Process with Akkroo

Companies invest huge amounts of money in trade shows and conferences. Research by Forrester found that events account for 18% of all B2B marketing spend.

Events give businesses a chance to connect with prospects face-to-face, at a time when most of our communication happens digitally or over the phone. 

While events are one of the biggest channels for marketers, they’re also the channel where marketers have the least visibility into their performance, as events are disconnected from the rest of their systems and technology. 

The Challenge of Inconsistent Lead Capture Processes 

For companies that exhibit at lots of events, it’s common to use different methods to capture leads, depending on the size or style of the event. This means you can collect leads at events by:

  • Scanning badges using a rented badge scanner
  • Collecting business cards
  • Taking people’s details on paper
  • Or a combination of the above if you want to record specific information.

Intelliflo discovered first-hand the challenge of inconsistent lead capture processes. Before using Akkroo, they used various methods to collect leads at events: pen and paper, collecting business cards, or even taking photos of business cards to type up later.

They were often doing multiple events a day, so it wasn’t uncommon for them to misplace leads, or follow-up much slower than they wanted as it took so long to collate their leads after each event.

Jen Hanbury, Marketing Executive at Intelliflo, described how the marketing and sales teams struggled to collaborate to maximise the value of their leads from events:

“Before we had Akkroo, it was a challenge to get the sales team to send me the leads from their events and follow-up with those leads. It was very manual – I would hate to go back to that process.”

As a software company, Jen was also conscious that relying on paper forms and manual lead collection methods made Intelliflo look unprofessional. 

How Akkroo became Intelliflo’s Must-Have Event Lead Management Solution

Using Akkroo was a big change for Intelliflo’s event lead collection process. They were able to stop relying on pen and paper or business cards, and create a single lead capture and management process to use at all their events. 

Jen added: 

“Akkroo is now essential for us to have at each event. I can’t imagine having an event without Akkroo, and I know the sales team feel the same way.”

Adopting Akkroo for their event lead capture meant:

  • Intelliflo could follow-up with event leads the next day.
  • Event leads flowed straight into their marketing and sales systems, without anyone spending hours on manual data entry.
  • Hot leads are routed straight to their telesales team for prioritised follow-up.

Intelliflo have integrated Akkroo with their existing sales and marketing systems. This means their event leads flow directly into their systems within just a few minutes.

Before, their hot leads had to wait days (if not weeks) for Intelliflo to follow-up. Now, Intelliflo’s sales team have access to their leads within minutes – and they choose to wait for the event to finish before they follow-up with people.

Can Akkroo help you follow-up faster – and outpace your competitors?

Many event teams are being held back by outdated lead capture processes – like paper forms and business cards. 

If exhibiting at events, congresses and trade shows is a crucial part of your face to face marketing strategy, improving your lead capture process can give you a real edge over the competition.

Learn more about the Akkroo event lead management solution, and how it can streamline the way you capture, process and follow-up with leads from events. 

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