New Akkroo Apps: Changes you need to know about

As we wrote in my last blog post about the launch of our brand new Akkroo Apps for Android and iOS, we are about to release some exciting upgrades.

As part of the new releases, we’ve taken the decision to ‘sunset’ a couple of features for the time being, and retire from service our web-app.

The two features that are being removed from the Akkroo app for the time being are:

Both of these features were quickly spun up some time ago to validate the requirement and monitor customer usage. We know that customers do get a lot of value from being able to display PDFs within the Akkroo app, and collect e-signatures within their forms. However, both features were not built for scale and are lacking a number of aspects that prevent customers from maximising their potential.

So, we’ve decided to remove the technical debt for the time being whilst we research and plan out the optimum replacements for these two features with long-term solutions.

For customers using our PDF preview and e-signature fields, please read on to find out more about what is happening, how it will impact you and your alternative options.

PDF preview

Being able to share collateral with prospects as part of the event lead capture process is important to some of our customers, and our Link Collection and PDF features have both provided some value in providing a way to do this.

Once the new Android & iOS apps go live, we will be removing the PDF field and the ability to sync a PDF file to the app itself. Customers who need to share collateral with users via our follow-up email feature can still do so using our Link Collection field instead, and should you need to store sales collateral on the device, documents can be added to iBooks on your iPhone or iPad as normal, or consider a sales enablement tool like Uberflip.

We know customers like the convenience of loading the PDF onto the app, however the experience has never been optimal, so we’ve decided to go back and re-look at the underlying challenges to address it more completely with a long-term solution.

Customers using the PDF field are encouraged to transition over to using the Link Collection field in conjunction with transitioning to the new versions of the Akkroo app.

e-signature field

A number of customers have been using e-signature as part of their process of obtaining customer consent. We understand the benefit this brings, however only a very small proportion of our customers use this, and in the new app we have decided to remove it while we evaluate how we better can meet the requirements of consent, especially in light of changes brought about by GDPR.

Please take a look at this handy guide to the different types of Electronic Signatures and as a reminder, an e-signature is, in most parts of the world, not required for consent for further communication.

Customers using eSignature will find that the field will no longer appear inside the new versions of the Akkroo app, however any data already collected and stored will remain available inside your event.

Retirement of the Akkroo Web App

Our first ever provision for Android was a web app, however over time the ability to provide a great quality experience, we have decided we need to offer a more fully “native” experience. In light of the new Android app going live, we will be removing the web app, and this will stop working from 28th June.

Please ensure all data has been synced before this date, as we cannot retrieve data collected after this date.

More information and assistance

If you would like more information about the transition, please visit and speak to your Akkroo Customer Success Manager.