Our biggest update to Akkroo is here

Today, we release our most significant product update. Ever!

A set of features and updates that are built for everyone in your events team. The salespeople on the show-floor, the marketing team back at base and the CRM manager who shepherds the data.

This is Event Lead Capture for the modern era

We believe the process by which leads are collected at events is broken, and that’s why we built Akkroo, to solve that problem.

This, combined with our research and constant feedback from our customers has allowed us to deliver the best, most powerful Event Lead Capture solution yet.

Right, let’s dive into the updates!

Powerful sales tools for great conversations

An Event Qualified Lead (EQL) starts in one place, and that’s with the team on the show floor. We wanted to provide an experience that is great for them and their prospects.

To improve this experience, we’ve sped up logging into the app, meaning you can start collecting your leads much more quickly. We heard a lot of feedback about the speed of finding your username when logging-in, so we’ve added a search function to find your app user login with just a couple of taps, which helps you select the right username every time and avoids creating duplicates.

We’ve completely updated the look of the app too. It’s sleeker, which means it’s an even better showcase for your corporate branding, with a design that is smarter and tighter. It presents a refreshed, professional look and feel, and neatly complements the work of the salesperson.

When collecting leads, you don’t want anything to get in the way of the natural conversation. We’ve added brand new functionality that enables you to park your leads at any point and then revisit them to complete any missing or extra information about any conversation, rather than worrying about getting it all typed out and disrupting the fast, natural flow of your conversation. Record your notes, add your own lead scoring, complete missing qualification questions – the experience ensures you can concentrate on having a great conversation, not the tablet or phone in your hands.

Have you ever wondered which leads have synchronised with the Akkroo dashboard, and which are waiting for an internet connection?

We’ve upgraded this experience for every app user. You can now see right inside the app which leads have synced (and which are pending) using subtle indicators next to every record.

Marketing’s job made easier

The art of organising trade shows and conferences contains many moving parts. So we wanted to make your life easier when it comes to creating new events in Akkroo. We’ve redesigned the event creation flow, cutting it down to just a few clicks. Just provide your requirements and go!

We wanted to strengthen the relationship you have with your events team, so creating a tool they love to use at every opportunity was high up our priority list. From the Akkroo dashboard, you can control in-app editing, allowing your team in the field to add additional notes to a lead after the conversation has ended. This goes towards helping them qualify leads more quickly and generating a healthy pipeline post-event, not to mention invaluable data for you to report on and track ROI.

New editing functionality allows your team to park leads and come back to them later

In terms of security, we’ve added new controls allowing you to have dedicated login usernames and passcodes for users*. We’ve also introduced an option which means you can require users to enter a passcode to exit the form if you are using kiosk-mode.

All of these updates go towards making a great experience for you and your team.

More control and visibility for CRM and data teams

Thanks to our range of CRM and Marketing Automation software integrations, leads are synchronised instantly from Akkroo to your own back office systems. However, we wanted CRM and data teams to have more control over information that enters their marketing software.

We’ve therefore put the ability to edit leads into the Akkroo dashboard too. Leads sent from the Akkroo app can now be corrected or updated into a format that fits in perfectly with your CRM and marketing software.

So you have full visibility of the changes you and your team make, you can review the version history of each lead, giving you a clear, complete record and timeline of all the edits made on every lead in Akkroo.

It’s all here and ready for you to use

Login to your Akkroo dashboard and update the app on your devices to get started with the upgrades to your Event Lead Capture experience!

From all the team at Akkroo, we look forward to hearing your experiences, and are keen for you to start benefiting from the improvements immediately!
Download your Akkroo info pack

*this feature is available upon request. Send an email to our support team to find out more about this feature.