The Power of Event Lead Management for B2B Marketers

I’m really excited to be co-hosting an upcoming webinar with Integrate CEO, Jeremy Bloom on 30th April. We’ll be joined by three senior marketers from Verizon and Avalara, to talk about how these organisations are modernising and transforming their events.

Ending Event Lead Chaos

Companies invest huge amounts of money in trade shows, conferences and in-person events: according to Forrester, events account for 18% of all B2B marketing spend. This makes them one of the biggest channels for marketers, while simultaneously being the area with least visibility.

Why do companies invest so heavily in events? Short answer: to generate leads.

But the most popular lead collection methods – think paper forms, rented badge scanners, and collecting business cards – are disconnected from companies’ modern, sophisticated marketing stacks. They often involve huge amounts of manual data entry or data reconciliation, to get people’s details into a format that your sales team can use to follow-up, or for nurturing by your marketing team.

These inefficient and disconnected lead capture methods lengthen your follow-up time, which ultimately impacts the amount of revenue generated from your events.

Don’t leave money on the table: take control of your event leads.

The Power of Events

Here at Akkroo, we know how important face to face events are, particularly when it comes to B2B marketing – and we empower our customers to be able to prove the value of their events by accelerating revenue and making it possible to (finally) calculate event ROI.

If you’re a B2B marketer interested in learning how enterprise businesses are unifying their top-of-funnel lead generation channels, by aligning events with the rest of their marketing channels, this webinar is for you.

I’ll be speaking to:

  • Pamela Guyton-Micheles – Senior Marketing Manager, Avalara
  • Jason Moore – Senior Growth Marketer (EMEA), Avalara
  • Josh Weis – Director of Customer Engagement, Verizon

Interested? Register now to join Jeremy, Pamela, Jason, Josh and myself on 30th April for our exclusive webinar. If you can’t make it on the day, don’t worry – sign up anyway, and we’ll send you a recording straight after.

Look forward to seeing you next week!