Press Release: Akkroo Announces Successful 2nd Round of Investment

akkroo team in the summer

London based SaaS startup takes major investment and sets sights on being market leader.

LONDON 28th September 2016: Akkroo, a SaaS startup that helps businesses bridge the gap between events and CRM & marketing automation has today announced a successful 2nd round of investment. This news follows the recent announcement of a global rollout of their event data capture solution with computing colossus IBM. The significant investment prepares Akkroo to take business to the next level and continue to provide a market leading product.

Of the company’s recent news, Akkroo CEO and co-founder Chris Wickson said:

2016 has been our biggest year to date and this new round of investment puts some serious fuel into the Akkroo tank as we gear up for further growth.

We’re in the middle of a huge shift amongst organisations moving away from manual data or lead collection processes and using poorly integrated badge scanners. They are switching to streamlined, universal solutions such as Akkroo that can be used across teams at all events, big or small, and which integrate tightly with existing CRM and marketing software.

We’re at the forefront of this change in behaviour, bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds and this new investment will only strengthen our position as we head into 2017 and beyond.

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