4 Reasons why Organisations Exhibit at Congresses and Trade Shows

What are your main reasons for exhibiting at each of the events you’ve booked for the next six months? Organisations exhibit at congresses and trade shows for many reasons – you may have different strategic priorities at each upcoming event.

Exhibiting at congresses and other events are a fantastic opportunity to get face-to-face with potential customers – but they also provide value in lots of other ways. We’ve put together a run-down of the most common reasons organisations exhibit at congresses or trade shows.

1) Lead generation

Generating new leads is the most common reason organisations exhibit at congresses, trade shows and other events. 64% of event marketers say trade shows are most often used as sources of new business opportunities.

In this increasingly digital world, exhibiting at a congress offers a rare opportunity to get face-to-face with thousands of potential customers.

2) Product launches

Big congresses and trade shows offer the perfect opportunity to launch new products, and showcase your latest innovations to the industry.

The industry press will send journalists to cover the biggest trade shows. Launching products at these events gives you the chance to secure media coverage and generate some buzz around your innovations.

3) Branding and awareness

For many organisations, there will be one or two events that go into the calendar every single year, without question. The biggest and the best congresses and trade shows. The events that all your competitors exhibit at, that attract the best and brightest speakers from all over the world.

These are the events you go to, as a way to maintain your image within your industry. These congresses are so big that it would look bad if you weren’t there: your customers would have concerns about the state of your business or current priorities, and it would look like a sign of weakness to your competitors.

4) Nurturing relationships with existing customers

One final way that congresses and trade shows provide value to your organisation is to help nurture relationships with your existing customers. If you’re exhibiting at the biggest, industry-leading congresses, it’s likely lots of your customers will attend too.

Just like congresses give you the chance to get face-to-face with interested buyers, you can also meet up with your existing customers, in-person. Not only will this help you nurture and build on that relationship, but you’ll also be able to identify any expansion or cross-selling opportunities from your conversations with them.

Make the most of exhibiting at congresses

Lead generation is the most common reason that organisations exhibit at congresses and trade shows. With congresses offering an easy way to meet with huge numbers of prospective customers, it’s natural that lead generation is often a top priority for exhibitors.

But for all the talk about lead generation being high priority, organisations rarely give their lead capture processes as much consideration as they deserve. It’s time to stop relying on old, outdated methods of lead capture, and to update your event lead capture processes, so they integrate with the rest of your marketing and sales tech stack.

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