Event Lead Capture: A Scout’s Guide

Event Lead Capture: Scout's Guide

How to Ensure Event Lead Capture Success:

The morning of your event and your team are at the venue — “in the field”, so to speak…

Your stand looks mightily impressive, the doors have opened, your fellow sales team scouts are ready with Akkroo forms in hand. The attendees are streaming in and you’re beaming from ear to ear because it’s going to be the most successful marketing and sales event you’ve run this year.

And why is it going to be a success for you? It’s because you are working from the cut-out-and-keep Akkroo Scout Checklist for Successful Event Lead Capture.

Some Advice from the Chief Scout

When it comes to event preparation, it’s a fair assessment that last minute, unforeseen problems create the worst kind of stress. That’s why the good Scout on an event lead capture expedition always keeps front of mind the key scouting motto, Be Prepared.

  • Be Prepared that the organiser has allocated you less stand space than you needed.
  • Be Prepared that the WiFi is going to flake out.
  • Be Prepared that your beautiful literature will have a glaring typo on the front page.
  • Be Prepared that one of your fellow Scouts will be ill on the day, or get attacked by a bear (accidents happen in the wild).
  • Be Prepared that someone forgot to order enough business cards to last the whole event.
  • Be Prepared that you won’t have enough charge points.

When you pace your planning in the lead up to important events, the chances of something going wrong are greatly reduced.

The easy option is to have all the event materials and components delivered to the venue on the day, but you’re playing with fire and increasing the risk of a last minute incident. One slip up which will be out of your control can throw your day into a stressful disarray. Considering how you can manage the risk by reducing the transportation distance on the day itself can be an effective way to control this.

The Prepared Scout’s Planning Checklist

We know there are a million things that can contribute to your event being considered a success, so your list will be highly personalised. However, here are a few Akkroo-specific ideas for your pre-event checklist.

The Be Prepared way to use this checklist is to have 100% of the list checked off at least three full working days before the event starts, giving plenty of time for you to tackle all the unforeseen obstacles and challenges that can crop up, and reducing your chances of compounded stress on the day.

[ ] Have we had an all-hands planning meeting yet?
[ ] Have we confirmed staff availability?
[ ] Have we got technology suppliers in place and backups?
[ ] Have we got enough merchandise reserves to last us the duration?
[ ] Are there any other events between now and the event that might use or tie up any of the resources we plan to use?
[ ] Have you agreed on a staff dress code or arranged the uniforms?
[ ] Have you setup the stand in the office and checked all the components work together?
[ ] Have the staff all been trained on Akkroo, how to scan business cards (if you’re doing that) and confirmed they can log in without a hitch?
[ ] Have success targets for the event been set and approved (helps with tracking ROI)?
[ ] Have the forms been created?
[ ] Are the devices charged?
[ ] Do you have a way of charging devices on the day?
[ ] Have you setup the correct automatic email messaging, both text and brand work?
[ ] Have you run some test data through to your own account to check everything runs through to the CRM nicely?
[ ] Have you optimized the questions to make the form short and as punchy as possible?
[ ] Have you cleared all the test data from the event?
[ ] Have you packed sturdy walking boots and a compass?*

*Essential only for event data capture in mountainous regions or large forests.

With this checklist in your eventing knapsack, and a steely focus on being prepared days, not hours in advance, you’ll be sewing on your new Live Event Lead Capture badge in no time.