Should We Use Stands or Manned iPads at Events and Trade Shows?

A common question from our customers using Akkroo for the first time at an event is “Should we have stand alone tablets?”

If you have enough tablets available, we will always say yes!

Data from our customers suggests a combination of manned (where your staff hold the tablet) and standalone (in kiosk) tablets works best. Getting your stand setup right will increase the amount of leads captured, but its important to know there is a difference in quantity and quality of the data between the two methods. Below is a run down of some key statistics from our own research:

  • A manned tablet produces 63% more leads
  • At a 2 day consumer event, we see an average of 70 leads per standalone iPad
  • Manned tablets have an average of 3% email bounce rate
  • Stand alone tablets an average of 8% email bounce rate