Event Data Capture Incentives for Maximum Impact

There are so many ways to incentivise a show or promotion and maximise the number of leads you can capture. It’s an age-old bargain – if you give me something, I’ll give you something in return. Here are a few ideas to improve your event data capture and make your next event a record-beating one.

Freebies & giveaways (Consumer events & B2B trade shows)

Statistically, the most common freebie is the pen – useful in many ways, but unlikely to make the biggest of impacts. There are plenty of better and more imaginative offerings, and we’ve seen a great variety of giveaways offered in the past – from specially branded teabags to ice cream.

If it’s raining outside, keep a stash of branded umbrellas hidden away behind your stand for a special lead. You’ll be sure to leave a lasting memory if you save them from a cold journey home! It also is the sort of thing that hangs around and (unless the quality is really bad) can be of promotional value for years to come.

One of our customers Liverpool FC collect thousands of email addresses through in-store data capture near their stadium, where they provide a small branded badge for every individual who submits their details. This inexpensive gesture has gone a long way with their shoppers and has definitely contributed to the great success of their campaign.

Competitions and Prize Draws (Consumer events & B2B trade shows)

A different approach to rewarding your prospects is to automatically enter them into a competition as part of your event data capture process. You will find this dramatically increases the chances of individuals entering their details, especially if you’re utilising a kiosk to capture information.

An alternative prize draw method is to set up an automated email, some of which will randomly include a message stating they have won a prize (e.g. 1 / 50 receive a “You’re a winner!” message). This allows for your prospects to know in a matter of minutes whether or not they have been successful in the draw, and they can instantly come and collect a prize.

Voucher Codes (Consumer events)

Based on our analysis of many of all of the Akkroo’s various clients’ campaigns and events over the past few months, the automated emails experience yields open rates of around 62%, which is high compared to many other less timely email communications. You can also include voucher codes within your email, which have either been uniquely distributed from an uploaded list, or alternatively provide the same code to everyone. This will also immediately drive traffic towards your website where they may redeem their voucher discount.

Similar to competitions, it’s always important to advertise this incentive as part of your campaign to increase interest.

World-renowned publisher of titles such as Wired and Vogue — Condé Nast — use unique voucher codes sent by Akkroo to distribute voucher codes as part of their subscription sales process at events. They capture email and other basic details, which enables them to distribute an automated email with relevant content and a unique voucher code to sign up for a subscription.

This quick process enables them to spend more time speaking with attendees and answering any relevant questions, in the safe knowledge that all the relevant information will be shared with them via email that same day. Additionally, as they track subscription source from the unique voucher codes, they can easily calculate the ROI from their events.

Kiosks or Handheld? (Consumer events & B2B trade shows)

Based on our client experiences, we have found that you should capture at least 50% more data capture through a handheld approach over a kiosk tablet (this can vary greatly depending on the type of event/campaign).

It’s always important to maximise the number of potential touch-points that prospects have with your stand and representatives. Combining a handheld and kiosk approach will increase the number of opportunities that attendees have to register their details, especially when a stand becomes busy.

Loyalty Programs (Consumer events)

Loyalty Programs are a great way to keep customers coming back for more. If you’re signing up a customer in-store or at an event, you’ve probably spoken with the individual and got them engaged about your brand and product line. The next step is to transform them from a one-time shopper into a lifetime customer.

A great place to capture customer details is at Point of Sale, whereby the customer will have a spare moment to complete their details, and could also be incentivised by a discount for their next in-store purchase.

Chloé use offline data capture in-store to build their loyalty scheme, whereby all those who are added are invited to exclusive events, delivered free samples and sent personalised birthday messages. This form of loyalty program goes beyond the conventional email subscriber, and has been found to be very popular amongst high-value and luxury retail customers.

Send Literature (B2B trade shows)

When you’re attending trade shows, you’ll probably be handed dozens or brochures and booklets each day. Unfortunately, most of them will probably be lost or left in the corner to gather dust. Why not send tailored literature to your prospects via email? Not only will they definitely receive the information that has been requested, but it is also a great incentive to capture their details.

Instantly, they have a message in their inbox which contains relevant information that they’ve requested (brochures, whitepapers, case studies etc.) and is driving them towards your web content. Additionally, track your email open and click-through rates so you know what content is being read.

Provide your staff with event data capture objectives and incentives (B2B trade shows & Consumer events)

Like all sales related activity, set incentives and goals to keep your staff motivated throughout the event or campaign. Rotate your staff on the stand to make sure everyone stays focussed, and even set up a friendly competition between them to capture the most data, and ensure they want to stick around all day in search of that star prospect!

Toyota capture across their dealerships in the UK, and the results are displayed on an online dashboard, so that they can track data capture in real-time and see which location has been the most successful.

Hopefully these ideas will bring more leads to your iPads, and improve your return on event expenditure. If you have experienced any other particularly good examples of event data capture, do get in touch with us.