Taking Payments at Events

Starting subscriptions at events

If you’re in the publishing business or sell subscriptions at events for magazines, papers or other services, you may well have come across the challenges of collecting financial details for taking payments at events (one-off or recurring payments).

What you need to do to begin a subscription payment plan with a customer will largely depend on where you are in the world.

Compliance with Industry Standards

In the UK, the PCI Security Standards Council outlines what what you must do if you wish to capture any financial details at events. To establish a direct debit, banks also require specific data to be captured; It’s not just as simple as collecting the details on a paper or electronic form.

Your bank or financial institution has the final say in what is acceptable. It would be considered reckless to record and store credit card and bank details on paper in a public environment and banks sadly view capturing sensitive financial information in data capture apps in the same way.

The unique challenges of capturing data at events means that data collection frequently occurs offline, i.e. when there is no WiFi connection. Companies such as GoCardless and Stripe offer ways for subscriptions to be established when the customer is present, though these require a secure connection to be established and maintained throughout the whole transaction.

Taking Payments at Events

So, what are your options for taking customer payment or credit card details on your stand in that case?

We’ve been working with Vogue, Wired, Irish Farmers Journal and a number of other publications to find a solution that doesn’t require you to write down credit card details on paper or break the terms of your banking agreements.

Akkroo’s pioneering solution allows businesses to distribute redeemable voucher codes via email. The prospective customer completes their details on the stand using the Akkroo app for mobile or tablet. In turn, they are sent a personalised and branded email which contains a unique voucher code that allows them to redeem their subscription securely. This allows you to take payment using a normal, fully PCI compliant method of your choice instead.

It’s as simple as that. Payment transactions made on the stand using traditional payment terminals can be linked back to the data collected on Akkroo if needed, and there is no risk to the sensitive financial data being collected.

If you would like to find out more about taking payments at events, please get in touch with our customer team and we’ll be happy to assist.