Taking Payments at Events

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Starting subscriptions at events

If you’re in the publishing business or sell subscriptions at events for magazines, papers or other services, you may well have come across the challenges of collecting financial details for taking payments at events (one-off or recurring payments). What you need to do to begin a subscription payment plan with a customer will largely depend on where you…

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Event Lead Capture: A Scout’s Guide

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Event Lead Capture: Scout's Guide

How to Ensure Event Lead Capture Success: The morning of your event and your team are at the venue — “in the field”, so to speak… Your stand looks mightily impressive, the doors have opened, your fellow sales team scouts are ready with Akkroo forms in hand. The attendees are streaming in and you’re beaming…

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How to Write Great Event Email Subject Lines

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One thing we know a lot of Akkroo customers benefit from is being able to getting back to a new lead or contact super quickly after an event has finished. Or even right away using our triggered emails and SMS. I’m always really pleased to see this activity in action, and the really high open…

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Event Data Capture Incentives for Maximum Impact

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There are so many ways to incentivise a show or promotion and maximise the number of leads you can capture. It’s an age-old bargain – if you give me something, I’ll give you something in return. Here are a few ideas to improve your event data capture and make your next event a record-beating one. Freebies &…

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