Great News for Akkroo Users Around the World

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We’re delighted to share that from today we’ve expanded our coverage of worldwide live support hours, which we hope will be a great benefit for a large number of Akkroo customers across the globe. We know that not everyone operates on a UK or western timezone, and it has always been our desire to be…

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What is Lead Retrieval?

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lead retrieval at events

Trade shows are often a key part of a company’s marketing and business development efforts, with some B2B industries investing heavily in events as the cornerstone of their customer acquisition strategy.

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Trade Show Lead Capture in the Field – As told by Akkroo

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Akkroo at Technology for Marketing 2016

Recently we exhibited at the Technology for Marketing Expo, at Olympia, London. The event was a great opportunity for us to network, learn and of course, develop new business – and naturally our sales and marketing team took along our own event lead capture solution. As this is the typical type of trade show event…

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How Do We Use Our Own Product?

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Akkroo at event capturing leads

Akkroo is primarily a lead capture solution, and you won’t be surprised to discover we use Akkroo at every single one of the trade shows and exhibitions we attend to collect qualified leads and record conversations we have with prospective clients and customers. We have honed the forms we take to events over the years,…

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Event Badge Scanners – Are They Worth It?

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event badge scanners scanning and badge

There are a few ways of collecting leads at events. A popular method is noting down details on paper forms, though that can lead to problems with accuracy and data protection. Event badge scanners are, therefore, an attractive option for event teams wanting to collect data quickly. But how effective are they at collecting valuable…

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